Terms and Conditions

to advocate for the international field of contemporary art jewelry. We do so through education, discourse, appreciation, and support for the field. digital library, an archive of exhibition catalogs, books, and other digital media, is available globally to our members: creatives, educators, critics, curators, and others.

These publications have been converted into electronic form from the original print edition with the permission of their copyright holders. This conversion does not constitute a new publication or edition, but merely a facsimile of an existing one. The full copyright remains with the publishers at all times. The publishers may at any time revoke this permission.

These publications are not intended for sale or any commercial use, but for research and educational purposes.

All images and texts are copyrighted and can only be used with permission of both the publisher and artists. Where content taken from these publications is cited in papers or articles, full credit must be given to the print edition—author, title, publisher, year, and page number

library is for research and educational purposes only. suggests that all submissions include a page in the pdf with the author’s full contact information and/or that of the publisher to stimulate connection, research, and proper copyright adherence. If your digital media is available in print form, this page can also be used to encourage direct sales through your institution.

All content available through digital library will be downloadable through the associated software.